Plasma Cutting

With our High Definition plasma cutter, we can cut very thick plate material with intricate shapes and tight tolerances. Much like precision laser cutting, our plasma cutting table is computer-controlled. Programmed by skilled technicians, and operated by experienced team members, our plasma cutter can complete your heavy plate projects correctly and on-time.

Our plasma cutting equipment includes:

  • Altra 400 Amp CNC High Definition Plasma with Bevel Head
    • with 3 Oxy Fuel Torches
    • Table Size: 12′ x 40′
    • Cutting Capacity:
      • 1/4″ to 12″ Carbon Steel
      • up to 2″ Stainless Steel
      • up to 1″ Aluminum
We stock a wide variety of thick material, and can order in most other sizes in just a day or two.