The Difference Our Metal Fabrication Shop Can Make


There are different sizes and types of fabrication shops that offer range of different services from CNC machining to finishing. However, most of those shops don’t offer everything in one place. At Wisconsin Metal Fab, our metal fabrication shop can do it all.

We are able to provide a full range of fabrication services due to our size, focus, and our investment in top quality equipment and staff. These factors allow us to provide the services our customers are looking for and perhaps even a few they didn’t realize a metal fabrication shop could offer.

For example, we can provide inspection services on-site, ensuring that the parts and components we manufacture are to our customer’s exact specifications. We also have our own transport trucks for regional orders. For our customers out of state, we work with all national freight companies to get your order out of the door on time.

Cost Savings

The goal of our metal fabrication shop is to provide the quality services our customers need at the lowest possible price. We can provide information on different options to fabricate a part or component, from small items to the largest fabrication requests.

Our project development team can work with you to make recommendations before the prototype or at any point in the design process.

Decreased Production Time

With the addition of more automated systems, we are able to provide CNC work and other fabrication services at a faster rate of production with no loss in quality or precision. This is a definite advantage for our customers, as more automated production means less waste and an overall lower cost per unit price.

We focus on customer service and getting the job done right. This has allowed us to build a top reputation as a fabrication shop throughout Wisconsin and the surrounding states.

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