Wisconsin Metal Fab

Our Mission
and Core Values

Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC is located in a 106,000 square foot facility in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Metal Fab will become our customers’ preferred supplier through personalized service, superior workmanship, and on-time, defect-free deliveries.

Our Core Values Are:


We pledge to humbly care about each other and treat one another with the respect and dignity we all deserve; we will practice this accordingly each day. We commit to recognizing accomplishments, assuming the best from each other and celebrating successes.


We will exhibit a firm belief and rely on each other to be truthful and honest, the very foundation of all relationships in which we enrichen the lives of each other. We will recognize that we all have unique abilities and will celebrate our strengths together.


We recognize the importance of working safely so that we may continue to be there for our families and each other. We will practice safe working habits and recognize situations that may be unsafe for others.


Acting in a manner that exhibits our core values, we will deliver on our commitments, execute on our promises, and hold ourselves accountable. We recognize that we are blessed and have the unique opportunity to build bridges, not walls.


Having trust and faith in each other’s abilities, we will inspire and support our individual growth both personally and professionally. Seeking to empower each other through support and guidance, we will listen empathetically and inspire growth.


Recognizing that our core values are essential in our culture, we will seek to find the positives in all situations, speak positively of one another and recognize successes. We will embrace the unique opportunity to serve others and recognize it is more than an occupation.


Achieving balance in life is vital. We commit to achieving balance in life by not only working hard but resting and playing hard as well. We acknowledge the need to have healthy, productive time away from work to keep a healthy balance and be there when others need us.