Key Factors In Quality Metal Machining


At Wisconsin Metal Fab, we pride ourselves in developing the best-possible fabrication services for our customers. This is true for the large OEMs we work with for on-going orders, as well as for our smaller customers who may require just a few services.

In order to provide the industry best in metal machining, we invest in two important areas. These investments in our own capacities and capabilities is a great benefit to our customers. Here is a breakdown of our strategy:


We have invested in building an outstanding team of professionals. Our machining team is highly trained and experienced in metal machining. We offer a project development team of engineers to monitor and evaluate the most cost-effective methods for machining, creating the precision parts needed at the lowest possible price.

Our experience means that we are adept at identifying potential challenges with a specific machining requirement and suggesting possible alternatives or options. We can start working with your in-house team early in the design process, helping to speed up the time from concept through to prototyping and then to full production.


We offer metal machining using CNC equipment as well as manual processes. Most of our customers will find the use of CNC machining as the best choice, allowing for precision manufacturing of small to large volume orders.

Investments in automated machining options have had great benefits for our customers. Such equipment allows us to complete orders with a shorter turnaround time and with unparalleled precision. Once the equipment is set up, there is limited waste coupled with high production rates, creating a win-win situation for our clients.

We can evaluate your projects and provide information on the machining services you need today. Give us a call at 877-720-1794, and we can discuss your next order.

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