4 Helpful Aluminum Machining Tips


If you ever tried aluminum machining, you know how different the process is from steel. Here are four valuable tips for working with aluminum from your machining experts at Wisconsin Metal Fab.

1. Your VMC May Not Be Right for Some Jobs

A vertical machining center is an important piece of equipment for many aluminum machining jobs. However, you will enjoy a multitude of benefits with a horizontal machining center (HMC). For example:

  • Faster cuts with quick turnaround times
  • Better chip control
  • No need to stop the process to clear chips
  • CNC gives you digital control and accuracy

2. The Importance of Heat Stability and Aluminum Machining

Some aluminum alloys are very sensitive to changes in temperature during the machining process. You need to make sure your machinery can minimize issues like heat buildup. Many modern machines have software programs and specialized hardware to take care of issues like thermal buildup. This can prevent problems like cracking, breaking, and hardening.

3. Spindle Power

Aluminum machining requires a great deal of horsepower. This is important if you want to obtain the fastest feed rates possible. For this kind of work, your machine should be capable of generating speeds of twelve thousand revolutions per minute.

4. Invest in CNC Machinery

Many of today’s aluminum machining projects require intricate and sophisticated work. Although a skilled machinist can produce excellent workpieces, modern CNC machines can be programmed to give you the same precision work each and every time. However, these machines can be very expensive, and many shops may not have the resources to buy them. Yet, there is a simpler solution. Call Wisconsin Metal Fab at 1-877-720-1794 for your machining needs. We can take care of all the hard work.

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