Metal Fabricators: The Need For Quality Control


As metal fabricators, the experienced team of professionals at Wisconsin Metal Fab produces components that play pivotal roles in the composition and performance of diverse manufactured products. The last thing our proficient staff wants is for a product to be faulty and, therefore, fail to perform optimally. To prevent any possibility of this occurring, all fabrication companies must maintain strict quality control throughout the production process. To achieve this goal, they must address a variety of factors affecting production – including technological expertise and certification.


Certification is important for metal fabricators. This process indicates the achievement of certain standards. In metal fabrication, this can refer to several aspects of production:

Material: All metals the company uses must be certified by the mills as free from harmful impurities
Equipment: It must be safe, sturdy and capable of performing the designated tasks
Results: The component must never pass through a process or a test without some form of inspection, therefore ensuring standards and specifications are met

Metal Fabricators Quality Control and State-of-the-Art Technology

At Wisconsin Metal Fab, our metal fabricators operate state-of-the-art equipment. Using CNC plasma cutters, horizontal machining centers, horizontal milling machines, precision laser cutters, robotic welders and vertical machining centers, we can work with your company to produce anything from a functional prototype to a standard part.

During the entire process, our staff exercises precise Quality Control. We have on-site a full-time AWS-certified weld inspector to ensure our welds produce the best possible results. We also operate a fully staffed, fully equipped Quality Assurance lab. In this way, we ensure that the component you require meets all your expectations and specifications. Please call us at (877) 720-1794 to design and produce your next custom metal fabrication order.

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