3 Benefits to Using Our Digital Rodcell Connecting Rod Balancing System


At Comptrol, we have designed, engineered, and manufactured a connecting rod balancing system that is used in engine manufacturing centers around the globe.

This specialized system is designed for accuracy, precision, easy-to-read weighing of both automotive and diesel connecting rods. With our focus on creating a compact, yet rugged scale, that is able to stand up to continuous use, our customers can be assured the connecting rod balancing system is able to stand up to the job.

Speed and Accuracy

As mentioned above, the Digital Rodcell can be used for in-process weighing as well as for a stand-alone type of scale. The in-process scale can weigh up to 100 samples per minute, ensuring it keeps pace with your line. The stand-alone or off-line use of the Digital Rodcell Scale and Balancing System is ideal for testing and quality control. Inspection of random connecting rods has never been easier, or more convenient.

Dual End Simultaneous Read

The digital scale reads both ends of the connecting rod simultaneously. There are two LED readouts on the display, one for the pin end and one for the crank end. These readouts provide the difference, either above or below, the pre-set weight for the respective rod end. Additionally, these weighing systems automatically re-zero after each connecting rod is weighed. With automatic weight transfer compensation also included, this ensures accuracy with each reading.

Customized To Meet Your Needs

Each of our Digital Rodcell connecting rod balancing systems will be customized to meet your requirements. This includes setting up the cradle on the scale to conform to the part size and geometry for fast installation and immediate use.

To learn more about the advantages of our Digital Connecting Rodcell Scale & Balancing Systems, call us today at 216-587-5200.

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