Contract Manufacturers: Working In Partnership With Industry


Rather than build all of their components in-house, many modern industries work in conjunction with contract manufacturers to ensure they receive the high-quality parts they require at affordable prices and within the stipulated time. Buying custom components from contract manufacturers is often less expensive than investing in the equipment, material and staff needed to create these components themselves.

Benefits for an Industry

A contract manufacturer provides customers with several advantages, and the right candidate possesses three things they do not:

  • An experienced workforce with the expertise to perform the work
  • The requisite equipment
  • The facilities for workers and the equipment
They know that working with a reputable contract manufacturer will prove to be beneficial. It will ensure the production of the components the industry needs according to rigid specifications while meeting production deadlines and budget restraints. After all, contract manufacturers have the expertise to handle the demands to produce or reproduce complex designs, prototypes, and components. The more advanced and technically prepared can take charge of all steps of a job – moving from the design phase to prototyping, production, finishing and assembly without faltering.

Contract Manufacturers

At Wisconsin Metal Fab, our staff provides a variety of fabrication services. As specialists in contract manufacturing, we produce high-quality components for a wide variety of industries, including agricultural, defense, mining, railroad, and water treatment companies. We have been providing our customers with the highest quality service and products for more than 20 years. As reputable and respected contract manufacturers, we are always ready to help your company with everything from design to cutting, welding, and assembly,. Small shops or large companies; big or little projects, we have the skills, the experience and the technology to get it done on time.

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