Metal Fabrication Companies: Producing Everyday Objects Through Excellence


Whether we realize it or not, metal fabrication is an integral part of our lives. Approximately half of all objects we use or that surround us are the result of the work of metal fabrication companies. This applies to both construction and structural items, as well as basic, everyday objects. Metal fabrication plays a role in everything from bridges to laptops.

The Role of Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is a craft and an art that produces everything from architectural elements to tiny components for computers. Some shops specialize in specific aspects of the process. They may focus on certain industries or restrict their shops to working with only certain types of metals. Some fabricators, for example, prefer to work with stainless steel and aluminum, or precious metals such as platinum. They may only work with the medical industry on small detailed parts. Alternatively, they may produce much larger panels for the automotive industry, or large weldments for oil processing.

Metal fabrication companies may also specialize on a specific aspect of the process, such as laser cutting or welding. Others may be a full-service shop. They can perform any type of service related to metal fabrication. Their services may range from initial design to final assembly. They may do everything in-house, or contract some of it out.

Wisconsin Metal Fab

Wisconsin Metal Fab is a full service, one-stop shop. We work with our customers to provide them all the services necessary to take a project from a simple design to a resounding conclusion. Like other metal fabrication companies, we have our areas of expertise. We focus on producing fully realized parts of high-quality aluminum, stainless steel, and steel.

As both contract manufacturers and custom metal fabricators, we work hard to ensure we meet our customers’ specifications while exceeding their stringent expectations.

For more information about quotes, projects, or potential employment, email us through the Contact page or call us at (715) 720-1794.

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