Aluminum Machining: The Issue Of Machinability


Machining is a common means of turning a metal workpiece into a finished product by strategically removing material. However, issues can and do occur. Many factors can affect the machining process. A major influence on the process is the choice of metal. Not all metals machine with ease. In fact, aluminum machining can be challenging.

Machining Aluminum

At Wisconsin Metal Fab, our machinists understand the variables affecting the turning out of perfect aluminum workpieces. While aluminum possesses several advantageous properties – it is versatile, lightweight and durable – it can prove difficult to work with. We are aware of this. As a result, our machinists always consider the following factors before attempting to perform any type of aluminum machining.

  • The Process: What type of equipment is effective to achieve the specified results? We consider not only the equipment, but also cutting speeds and feed rates
  • The Grade: Some grades of aluminum are more receptive to machining than others are. Aluminum alloys 1100 and 3003, for example, have excellent machinability. On the other hand, alloys 6063 and 7075 only offer fair machinability.
  • Other Processes: This considers the specific chemistry of the specific aluminum alloy as well as such considerations as the heat treatment and extrusion process
By considering these and other significant factors, our machinists can proceed to produce optimal results with due consideration paid to both our customer’s budget and the completion/delivery dates.

Aluminum Machining

Aluminum is a popular metal. Companies and consumers admire its ability to resist corrosion while offering an appealing facade. Fabricators, however, must also consider other factors – including machinability. This characteristic is specific to each metal and can even vary according to their alloys and grades.

At Wisconsin Machining, we recognize these factors. Relying on the skill and expertise of our machinists, we are always ready to provide machining of even the so-called difficult metals. Using the latest technology, we work with our customers to provide them with high-quality aluminum machining.

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