Welding And Metal Fabrication: Why Use Robotic Welders?


At Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC, we specialize in contract manufacturing. In such operations, welding and metal fabrication go hand-in-hand. To achieve our goals, we employ experienced, certified and highly qualified welders. However, we also use robotic welders.

Types of Robotic Welding Equipment

Robotic welding equipment, including assemblers, is available from many different reliable manufacturers. We currently have two robotic welders in our shops. These are:

  • FANUC Robotics assembly powered by Lincoln Electric PowerWave
  • Motoman MA3100 Master Arc welding robot

They are investments that fit in perfectly with complex and simple procedures. The former is compact; the robots are highly dexterous. The welding robot addresses complex arc welding applications.

Why Choose Robotic Welding Devices?

At Wisconsin Metal Fab, robotic welding devices are complementary to our welders. They enhance the welding and metal fabrication capabilities of our company. In employing both robots and experienced and skilled welders, the company is investing in its future. It increases the capacity of our shop to produce quality products quickly, easily, efficiently and within the designated time constraints.

While we can rely on the skill and quality of our welders, the installation of robotic devices helps the company and its employees improve production levels. Robotic welders:

  • Reduce the need for welders to work on repetitive tasks: Instead focusing on customized/specialized components
  • Increase consistency: Robotic welders can ensure precise repeatability at a fast pace when necessary
  • Improve speed: Sometimes, it is absolutely crucial to deliver a customized component quicker than traditional welding can

Welding and Metal Fabrication

At Wisconsin Metal Fab, we employ both traditional and modern methods to produce superior results. In welding and fabrication, we combine the old with the new. We value our welders but also embrace the latest robotic technology. In doing so, we merge the two together to create a highly functional, cohesive production unit, complementary and charging towards the future. For further details about our capabilities, contact us.

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