Narrowing Down Your Choices in Metal Fabricators


We recognize that our clients have a lot of different metal fabrication shops to choose from. However, there is a reason why our customers tend to stay with us, allowing us to complete their metal fabrication orders time and time again.

The differences in metal fabricators can sometimes be difficult to determine for someone not familiar with the options in services and customer support that can be provided. To help you to identify top companies, here are some important factors or considerations when making your choice.

Effective Communication

When contacting metal fabricators to discuss your project needs, consider the way company representative responds. Do they ask questions to get a full understanding of your project or do they start making recommendations without really knowing anything but the basics?

Does the company rep speak in a way that you can understand or do they seem to be using a lot of jargon without many specifics? At Wisconsin Metal Fab we take the time to understand what you need and explain anything you may not be familiar with during our discussion. We don’t expect our clients to be metal fabrication experts; we trust you are leaving that up to us.

Industry Experience

Many of the smaller shops offer specialized services based on industries. For example, some metal fabricators only work to develop prototypes while others may work exclusively with automotive OEMs or perhaps with companies producing medical devices or equipment.

Larger companies like Wisconsin Metal Fab offer a broader scope of industry specific experience. This allows us to work with a more diversified customer base in automotive, railroad, oil and gas production equipment, robotic welding services, power generators, agriculture, mining and even for military and defense contractors.

This ability to work within various industries is also helpful in problem-solving and coming up with unique solutions to custom projects. Drawing on experience across industries is an additional advantage we offer to all our customers with each project.

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