Why Choose Local Vertical Machining Center Services?


When you need vertical machining center services, you can choose from several places. In fact, some companies choose to outsource their work to overseas businesses to take advantage of cheap labor costs and low standards of living in developing countries. However, when you go with local services like Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC, your company receives many important benefits.


It’s hard to control quality when you can’t tour a shop and talk to the people “one on one.” In fact, some overseas companies may have substandard equipment and safety or quality standards. Even the best-trained machinists can’t do high-quality work if they don’t have the best equipment or environment to work with. Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC uses two of the most trusted names in the vertical machining center (VMC) business. We have four Hass machines and a Webb machine. These fine CNC machines are made for high-quality and precision work.

Minds Working Together

When you choose a local shop, you can become part of the team, ensuring your input has an impact on the final product. This is an important consideration if you plan to develop a new design or product for your market. We have experienced and highly trained staff that can give you some of the finest project development services in the Midwest. We can help you with your design by using the latest methods and applications in 3D computer-aided software and give you a plan to keep you at or under your project budget. With the help of sophisticated horizontal and vertical machining center equipment, we’ll produce the perfect prototype for testing and further development.

Everyone Benefits

By using a local shop right here in Wisconsin, you keep businesses and jobs right here in your part of the country. This helps to stimulate the local economy, and because we are an American operation, you keep the wheels of industry turning in the United States, benefitting all of us. Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC is proud to be able to say our products are Made in the USA!

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