What Makes a Quality Metal Fabrication Shop?


At Wisconsin Metal Fab, we are often asked by prospective customers about the factors that make our metal fabrication shop different from the competition. After all, most fabricators will provide similar services, at least when it comes to the basics.

Upon closer inspection, there are some very real differences between the services offered and the quality of products manufactured in different shops. To provide more information, take a look at how we operate and compare it to other fabricators across our market.

Our Quote is Our Word

With our professionals and metal fabrication experts, it is very easy for our team to put together a quote for a single prototype development job or a large volume production run.

We can also provide quotes for the full scope of services from taking an idea through to production and shipping. Just let us know what you need. Our quoted price will be the price you pay for the services we have agreed upon. With us, there won’t be any changes, allowing you to budget and plan accurately.

On-Time Delivery

A big issue when working with any metal fabrication shop is to have not only the accurate price but also a commitment to deliver on your schedule. One of the ways we have ramped up our production to meet large volume orders is to implement technology in the form of equipment and automation that can provide continuous robot welding and CNC machining services.

Industry Specific Knowledge

Our understanding of the specific requirements and standards needed across different industries allows our metal fabrication shop and design team to work to your specifications and standards.

This knowledge is also instrumental in providing our customers with suggestions, options, and ideas for streamlining their fabrication process, helping to reduce costs per unit, increase the lifecycle of the fabricated part and even to speed up production for faster turnaround time on orders.

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