Benefits of a Horizontal Milling Machine


The use of a horizontal milling machine is popular because of its speed and accuracy. Here are some good reasons to seek a partner who specializes in using horizontal milling machines for some of your part needs.

Horizontal Milling Versus Vertical Milling

Standard vertical milling equipment works like a drill press. Much of the work is done by the cutting tool coming down from above, creating very precise work. However, thanks to multiple axes machining, you can approach the workpiece from many different angles. Horizontal machining is different because it approaches the workpiece from the side. This is an oversimplification of the process, but gives you a general idea of the differences between horizontal and vertical machining.

Faster Operation

Suppose you need to mill a part on six different sides? If you are using a vertical machining center, you will need to handle the piece six times to complete the process. A horizontal milling machine is set up so you will only have to handle it three times. Because you handle it less, you have a faster process which can save time and money.

Help from Natural Forces

With a vertical milling approach, chips can build up on the cutting surface. This can sometimes cause problems, forcing you to stop work to clean away the excess material before continuing. With horizontal milling machine operations, you have gravity helping you keep chips away from your work allowing for cleaner, less cumbersome work.

What about Cost?

A good horizontal milling machine will cost you a lot more than a vertical milling machine. In fact, this is one thing that keeps many smaller shops from making the investment. Wisconsin Metal Fab thinks otherwise. We know the benefits of horizontal milling for you and your parts. We can produce machined parts fast, including custom parts, without sacrificing the quality of the cuts made.

At Wisconsin Metal Fab, we specialize in creating custom metal components for a variety of industries and have the metal manufacturing capabilities to get the job done right.

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