Custom Welding and Metal Fabrication Services Offer Many Benefits


Many companies today have the need for special projects that require welding and metal fabrication. Your company might not have the people, equipment, or expertise for this kind of work. That’s when it makes a lot of sense to hire metal fabricating specialists like Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC because we can give you customized services.

Made for You

For some projects, “one size fits all” components and materials may work just fine. However, this is assuming that your facility is “standard” or “common.” Unfortunately, most facilities are made and modified to fit the needs of the business, and you need components specially made for you. Below is an example:

Suppose your business needs aluminum tanks or equipment for mixing operations. You can’t go to a retail supplier and order what you need because standards sizes are too big or too small for your needs. Or, maybe your equipment is getting older, but you’d rather repair it because replacing it with newer equipment would be too expensive. In fact, you might not be able to find parts for your older equipment that is in otherwise good condition, but welding and metal fabrication specialists can reverse engineer the parts you need, so you can keep your operation up and running. We can create perfect parts and supplies, custom-made to your specifications.

Precision Work

When you have a special project in mind, we are here to help. Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC has high-tech CNC machines and robotic welding capabilities. This gives you precision work, and because it’s computerized, we can produce what you need quickly and efficiently, time and again, so you’ll enjoy the best materials and workmanship at affordable prices.

Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC has more than 20 years of welding and metal fabrication experience. We work with you and your staff to give you exactly what you want and need. Call us today toll-free at (877) 720-1794 to see what we can do for you.

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