The Importance of The Design Process in Custom Aluminum Fabrication


Many fabrication shops work directly from CAD/CAM drawing supplied by clients, but they may not offer consultation in the actual design process or be able to modify the drawings to address potential problems or concerns in manufacturing and fabrication. With custom aluminum fabrication, we believe that the design process is critical to a cost-effective, quality job.

At Wisconsin Metal Fab, we offer a full project development team of experts with experience and expertise in working with in-house design teams or even working from an idea or concept. This allows our team to work as much as needed to provide the assistance and development support in creating the CAD/CAM programming needed to start the project.

Why Design is Critical

Taking the time and investing the work into the design process for a custom aluminum fabrication provides dividends once the prototype is developed and the project moves into the production phase. Gone are the days of fabrication errors based on using basic 2D types of models and possible human error in calculations.

With the use of CAD/CAM programming software, we can work with your CAD files or create the initial project working design and then make modifications based on the specific needs.

Often there may be more than one option in the fabrication process. Our team will work with you to discuss the different processes that can be used and the benefits or possible considerations with each. Often it comes down to budget, and we will put together quotes for different fabrication methods, allowing you to choose the custom aluminum fabrication processes that work with your budget.

After the prototype is developed, we can make modifications as needed. We can also store the original and modified designs, making it easy to complete future production runs that will be identical to the past orders we have produced.

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