4 Reasons to Choose Professional Stainless Steel Fabricators


If you use stainless steel components, it’s important to work with experienced professionals who have the right equipment and tools to meet the particular challenges of stainless steel fabrication. When you choose Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC for custom steel fabrication services, you can avoid issues like these four common problems.

1. Surface Damages and Damage Contamination

When you handle stainless steel, you must exercise a great deal of care. For instance, it only takes one little scratch to start the process of corrosion. A tiny scratch can turn into a major rust problem within a short amount of time. Likewise, if you scratch or mar stainless steel with carbon steel tools or materials, some of it may rub off. Since carbon steel can quickly rust, it makes small scratches start to rust, and this can ruin an otherwise perfect project. Proper handling procedures can go a long way to ensuring the good condition of your final product.

2. Work Area Contamination

If there’s a lot of dust or dirt in the air, it can affect your work. Workers with dirty or greasy hands can cause contamination. Even marking tools are contaminants and this includes adhesive residue from tape. You can’t avoid all contaminants, but good custom steel fabrication professionals always clean their materials as they work, because they know thatone little oversight can create quality problems.

3. Welding

Although stainless steel welding is not too difficult, things like spatter and arc strikes can ruin the finish of a great welding job. It takes experienced welders with quality in mind to give you perfect welding services. Look for welding partners, like Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC, that employ AWS D1.6 certified welders to ensure your stainless steel project meets industry standards.

4. Proper Care

Stainless steel needs proper care when handled, worked with, stored, and shipped. If your workers aren’t careful, they could damage materials in many ways. When you use custom steel fabrication services from Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC, your materials get to you in the best possible condition. In fact, you can avoid all the problems mentioned in this blog post. Call us today at (877) 720-1794 for more info.

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