Metal Manufacturing Services Include Custom Steel Fabrication


When you come to Wisconsin Metal Fab, you receive high-quality services and work. We have a variety of CNC machining equipment that can do all kinds of tasks. When it comes to metal fabrication… we can do it all for your business. One of our most important metal manufacturing services is custom steel fabrication. Why is this so important? Let’s follow a project from the design stage to finished product, to show you what we can do for you.

So, You Have an Idea

Suppose you are a heavy-duty truck parts manufacturer with a great idea for aftermarket suspension parts made from carbon steel. However, you’re not an experienced engineer, and you need help. What can you do? Look to metal manufacturing specialists like Wisconsin Metal Fab. Talk to them about your ideas and give them the plans you have on file.

Talk to the Experts

Do you already have CAD plans? If so, your project management professionals want to see them. If you don’t have CAD plans, they should be able to create them. Once you tell your design professionals what you want, they’ll give you an initial quote to give you a good idea of the costs involved.

Discuss Your Budget

Your engineers want to give you the best possible parts, but they also take your budget into consideration. They work hard to design and manufacture your part in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


After you understand the process, it’s time to create a prototype of your part. Three-dimensional computer-aided drawings are helpful, but prototypes let you see and feel the part in your hands.


Once you approve the prototype, your part goes into production. This is a “do-it-all” process that gives you control over your projects and the benefits of experienced engineering. Call us today at 1-877-720-1794 for more information about our metal manufacturing services.

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