Not All Metal Fabrication Companies Are the Same


Some metal fabrication companies are good at milling and precision CNC machining services, while others specialize in welding and can handle most carbon steel welding needs. If you want the best fabrication services, choose a “one-stop” shop like Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC. Listed below are a few things we can do for you.

Laser Cutting

Thanks to modern laser technology, cutting is so precise, many parts don’t require machining. Lasers don’t wear down like standard cutting tools, so you receive the same accurate cuts each time. With computerized laser cutting machines, intricate shapes and designs are as easy as straight cuts.

Plasma Cutting

Lasers can cut intricate designs and shapes from sheet metals, but plasma cutters can do the same with thick plate metals. Plasma cutting is extremely fast, nearly five times quicker than traditional torch cutting methods. It’s also cheaper than water jet cutting. Finishing and Assembly

Imagine how fast your products can get to market if you don’t have to sand, finish, or assemble parts. Metal fabrication companies like us at Wisconsin Metal Fab can take care of these things for you, cut your labor costs significantly, and increase your efficiency.

Project Development

Experienced metal fabrication companies should also be able to help you develop new and exciting products. Come to Wisconsin Metal Fab for our project development services. We work with your people from the design stage, the prototyping stage, and all the way to the production stage. We’ll show you the most cost-effective methods to help create the perfect product for your business.

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