Imagine a World Without Custom Metal Fabricators


For some people, fabrication services don’t mean much. However, for those of us in the metal fabrication business, these services are our livelihood and very important. In fact, fabrication is responsible for bringing many good things into our lives. To demonstrate this importance of this industry, let’s imagine the world without custom metal fabricators.

Getting Gasoline is Not Easy

The oil and gas industries depend on metal fabrication. This is how vast pipelines of carbon steel pipe are created. The drilling and refining process requires large custom-built holding tanks and oil companies need a lot of metal fabricators working together to create oil rigs and drilling equipment.

In addition, without fabrication services, gasoline would be so expensive, a bicycle might become your main transportation source. Of course, you could always walk (or use horse-drawn equipment).

Everything Looks the Same

Without custom metal fabricators, industrial stairways and tanks all look the same. They are made on assembly lines and not custom designed or created. Not only do things look the same, they also work the same. There are few new and useful products because people simply don’t know how to be different. This sets technology back many years and creates a snowball effect on the world’s economy.

Large Structures

Huge structures like cell phone towers and electrical substations do not exist. It takes a lot of custom metal fabrication to create these things. Also, the air travel industry is basically non-existent.

As you can see, the world is not much fun without custom metal fabricators. Thankfully, companies like Wisconsin Metal Fab are there to make sure we have all these wonderful things that make our lives better.

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