The Services Provided by Quality Stainless Steel Fabricators


Fabrication services can involve project engineering, shearing, sawing, and laser or plasma cutting. It can also include machining, forming, and welding, and finally, testing and finishing. Our talented stainless steel fabricators can take your project from idea to final product.

Specialties and Equipment Utilized

At Wisconsin Metal Fab, we can fabricate carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Our fabrication specialties include machining, precision laser cutting, plasma cutting, special forming, and welding with CNC equipment for accuracy and repeatability of your most intricate parts.

With precision laser cutting, we can manufacture precise components or do complex surface etching designs in stainless steel up to 3/4″ thick. At Wisconsin Metal Fab, we can produce large runs of parts which are accurate and uniform.

The cutting of 3/4″ or thicker stainless steel is completed with a high definition plasma cutter. We can cut thick plate material with complex shapes and tight specifications to complete your heavy projects. For those projects requiring greater accuracy of thicker or harder-to-cut materials, we can also rely on custom waterjet cutting.

Experienced and reliable stainless steel fabricators will complete a project with thorough and precise work that pays attention to the details. At Wisconsin Metal Fab we have the capability to move your project through every stage of production, no matter how large or heavy it may be.

The Wisconsin Metal Fab Advantage

Our stainless steel fabricators are capable of meeting your needs with precision and professionalism. At Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC. we will deliver your project on time, every time. We have a standard that guarantees our quoted prices. Our large facility can complete small orders, large orders and custom, innovative projects. Our fully equipped quality assurance lab, including CMM capabilities of up to 10-foot reach, and a full-time, on-site AWS-certified weld inspector, will make sure your parts meet your specifications.

Quality, consistency, and reliability – that’s the Wisconsin Metal Fab advantage.

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