Custom Aluminum Fabrication – The Who and Why


There are often many ways to create a metal component. With aluminum, as with all of the materials we work with, we use time-tested fabrication methods as well as cutting-edge CNC machining and laser, plasma or waterjet cutting techniques to manufacture a custom fabricated aluminum component.

Who Can Do It

Precision and repeatability are key for the metal fabrication industry. Your success depends on our ability to follow the detailed designs of your custom aluminum fabrication project. That’s why we rely on our engineers to utilize our computer drafting software to model your project prior to production, and ERP software to manage it once it’s released to our shop floor.

As an authority in the industry, Wisconsin Metal Fab can take a custom aluminum fabrication contract through every step of the process, from development to cutting, welding and machining; through finishing to inspection and transportation. We have the tools and the know-how to bring a product from concept to reality. We can handle your special material requirements, and fabricate aluminum up to 1-1/4” thick.


Metalwork is important in oil production and the gas industry, and crucial to keeping these the pillars of our country’s energy system running smoothly. It’s utilized in everything, from agriculture, national defense, and mining, to railways and water treatment. The pursuit of perfection in this industry is crucial so that the nation’s infrastructure remains strong.

Pieces of aluminum of all shapes and sizes, from vents to wheel rims to rails and bars; these are the products upon which we hone our expertise. At Wisconsin Metal Fab, we help make aluminum and other metals practical for our customers’ benefit.

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