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Metal Fabrication Capabilities

At Wisconsin Metal Fab, our experienced custom metal fabricators and stainless steel fabricators work with all gauges of carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Our shop features many different and well-established processes. Some of the most commonly used include: CNC machining, precision laser and plasma cutting, turret punching, special forming, and welding. We use CNC controlled equipment for repeatability and accuracy, so you can feel confident that your order will be correct each and every time.

We specialize in contract manufacturing and welding as well as metal fabrication services, and we serve a variety of industries. Some of our regular customers include oil production companies, large truck component manufacturers, railway maintenance and water treatment facilities.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Wisconsin Metal Fab stocks a wide variety of steel, aluminum, and stainless steel sheets, plates, tubes and bar stock. Our large, on-hand inventory helps us to ensure projects can be completed quickly and efficiently. We are a premier metal fabrication company that can take your project from the initial idea to finished project. Whether your order is small or large, our team of craftsmen and designers can make it happen.

We offer custom aluminum fabrication, custom steel fabrication, and custom sheet metal fabrication. Our high-quality steel and aluminum fabricators can create pieces to meet your particular needs and schedule.

Metal Fabricators with State-of-the-Art Metal Fabrication Technology

Our metal fabricators work with state of the art welding and fabrication machinery, including CNC equipment, and our facility currently features several horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, horizontal milling machines, in addition to our precision laser cutters, robotic welders, and CNC plasma cutters.

All of this is housed in our 77,000 square foot facility where we process and fabricate all orders to custom specifications and design requests. Most projects can be completed in two weeks or less.

Project Development

From the initial quote and prototype to the finished product, we will help determine the most economical process for your company.

Project Development

CNC Machining

We use a variety of computer-controlled turning, drilling, and milling machines to create intricately machined parts with tight tolerances.

Machine Tooling at Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC

Precision Laser Cutting

From cutting precise and intricate parts to surface etching, our precision laser cutters can create large runs of accurate, identical parts quickly and economically.

Precision Laser Cutting Department

Plasma Cutting

With high definition plasma cutting, we can cut very thick plate material into intricate shapes with tight tolerances to complete your heavy projects.

Plasma cutting at Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC


Experienced welders, certified welders, and robotic welders combine expertise and accuracy to provide our customers with top-quality welded parts of all sizes.

Welding at Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC

CNC Shearing, Punching & Forming

Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC uses CNC equipment for a variety of cutting and forming applications, ensuring the repeatability and accuracy of your parts.

Forming at Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC


We have an extensive saw department which handles all in-house cutting of tube and bar stock.

Sawing Machine


With a large selection of bridge cranes, jib cranes, and fork trucks, we have the capability to move your project through every stage of production, no matter how large or heavy it may be.

Lifting Equipments


Our facility features a fully staffed, fully equipped Quality Assurance lab to ensure your parts meet your specifications before we ship them out.

Inspection & QA at Wisconsin Metal Fab, LLC

Prefinishing, Finishing, and Assembly

From sanding and edge finishing, to paint or powdercoat, we can provide you with a completed, ready-to-ship product that is packaged for safe, damage-free delivery to you or your customer.



For regional orders, we can deliver your large order using one of our vehicles, or we can ship it using a common carrier. For national orders, we can ship your order via your choice of common carrier.

Transportation Carrier