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Industries Served

We serve a wide variety of industries, from Agriculture to Water Treatment, and almost everything in between. The industries listed below represent some of the larger work we’ve done, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. We’re not limited to these industries, and welcome the opportunity to quote your job, even if it doesn’t fall into one of the categories shown here.


We support our local agricultural industry by offering quick turnaround on repairs and new parts for a variety of farm-related uses.

Agricultural equipment

Custom Truck Bodies

Bumpers, subframes, steps, cross-sills, brackets, light covers, shelves, and tool/storage boxes are just a few of the many fabricated metal components we provide for custom truck body manufacturers.

Custom Truck Bodies


With our attention to quality and reliable lead times, we provide a wide range of fabricated metal parts used in national defense.

Defense Industry

Defense Industry


The mining industry uses a large selection of metal fabricated parts, like gaskets and tanks, as well as raw material, like channel, plate, and bar stock. The local silica sand mining operations can rely on us to provide these materials, thanks to our fast turnaround, high quality, and handy location.

Mining - Sleds for Silica Sand Plants

Oil & Gas

We provide a wide variety of parts for companies in oil & gas production, from small, intricately machined brackets, to ladders and walkways, to very large tank weldments and work enclosures. We also manufacture intricately machined sprockets, sweep arms, shafts, guards, and housings for oilseed extraction (biodiesel).

Parts For Oil & Gas Production

Power Generation

We manufacture large weldments for AC generators, as well as a variety of smaller fabricated & machined parts, including plates, brackets, channels and doors, for use in hydro power plants.

Power Generation equipments


Railway maintenance requires a wide variety of fabricated and machined metal components, including discharge chutes, actuator bars, tow bars, eye bolts, battery boxes, propane enclosures, tanks, brackets, and operator platforms.

Railway maintenance equipment

Signage & Displays

In addition to all of the heavy-gauge components we manufacture for other industries, we also manufacture custom signage and displays, including laser-cut metal lettering, and cut, formed & finished signage.

Signs - Garden Stroll

Water Treatment

Water treatment facilities rely on our fabricated metal components, from tanks to gaskets to ladders and walkways.

Water Treatment component